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About Us

TBO Group is one of India’s largest B2B travel companies, servicing travel agents, DMC’s, Tour Operators around the globe since its establishment in 2006. There are over 1,000,000+ hotels available on the platform giving access to wholesale rates, bar rates, and B2C rates which travel agents can use at the click of a button. Our platform is accessible for travel buyers in 110+ countries with almost 100,000+ travel buyers registered on the platform. Travel Boutique Online, has streamlined all activities to provide a hassle-free booking system for agents, which in return provides a better customer service to the end user. We are IATA based company and having business association with all major airlines in travel industry.

With an established background in the trade, the Group has launched TBO Cargo  with its Head office in New Delhi, India, To deal with Multiple airline and shipping line to get the best possible pricing and cargo solutions. As a TBO Cargo we provide freight services to our B2B and B2C clients. We have working associations with our overseas network partners in more than 110+ countries .

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